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I wanted to find the absolutely most beautiful girl I could to write this article. I did, and fortunately for me she lives in the same house I do! Her name is Bre'anna Emmitt and she just happens to be my wife. I have really been excited about her being a guest writer for me. She is a wonderful wife, a loving mother, and a gifted writer. Hope you enjoy!

Do you know your calling?

No, no. Not your dream. Your calling.

It’s that deep-down sense of knowing:A knowing of something bigger, of something meaningful, of purpose.

In our self-focused society, we often confuse our purposewith our position. We dream of the statuses we can achieve (CEO, Married, Parent, Rich), rather than the person we could become (Upbeat Coworker, Caring Spouse, Devoted Father, Wise). We focus on what we thinkwill make ushappy, successful and recognized. And while dreams can line up with our calling, if we fail to recognize the deeper meaning to life – regardless of whether we have ‘arrived’ in our ambitions – aren’t we just going through the motions?

You’ve probably heard of Lee Iacocca. He was the man who took the dying Chrysler company and turned it completely around in the 80s. He had plenty of wealth, knowledge, fame and power, yet he understood that those luxuries can only bring conveniences – not meaning.

“No matter what you've done for yourself or for humanity,” Iococca said, “if you can't look back on having given love and attention to your own family, what have you really accomplished?”

Good point. We can have it all, but if we don’t give attention the deepest parts of our lives – our family, our relationships and our souls, what have we gained?

Living out your calling means starting right where you are. We often think that once X is attained, we’ll live with purpose: We’ll spend time with our kids then. We’ll give to charities then. We’ll get right with God then.

Let me tell you what I’ve learned about myself: My future self isn’t more reliable than my present self.

If I am not living with purpose now, you can bet I won’t be then. It’s what your grandmother meant when she said, Bloom where you are planted. Dead end job? Start there. Broken marriage? There, too. A great success? Don’t just get, give.

I encourage you to sit down and figure out your calling – here and now. Not your dream position, but how you can live fully – right where you are. What is important to you? What needs your focus? What needs your devotion? Or maybe, if you’re like me, when you sat down to make your list, you realized you needed to replace the ‘What” with “Who.”

I did this exercise myself. What I realized it that my ‘calling’ is not that glamorous. It’s not something that will win me an award, merit a banquet in my honor or earn me a bonus check. Rather, it’s simply nourishing the positions I am in now.

I know my first calling is to God: To learn him and grow in my relationship with him. Secondly, it’s to my husband and children: To be a thoughtful wife, caring mother and a safe place to come home to. Lastly, it’s to others: To help others in need, be a friendly and caring member of society, and show others the hope of this life.

When I sat down and put it that way, I realized that my calling can be fulfilled now – every day – regardless of whether my ambitions are reached. And while it’s a tall order, it’s worth it. I don’t know about you, but at the end of my life, I want to feel assured that I fulfilled my calling – not of money, status or power – but of a legacy of love, hope and grace.

We were designed with a purpose. We have a calling on our lives. What’s yours?

Think about it, pray about it and fulfill it – today.

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